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Tales From the Basement

13 October
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Fox Mulder is an Oxford trained psychologist and a former FBI criminal profiler who heads up the X-files division. Haunted by the memory of his sister's abduction when he was 12, he has been on a burning pursuit of the truth of her whereabouts ever since. This pursuit has lead him down the paths of alien conspiracies and paranormal investigation, essentially destroying what had been a promising career with the FBI.

In 1992/93 he is assigned a new partner, Dana Scully, a doctor and scientist who is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mulder in thinking. But she proves to be loyal to him and to his work. The two together search for the answers that are forever just out of Mulder's fingertips, as he seeks to find the truth without losing his faith.

This is a fanfic journal only, this journal is not run by Chris Carter, Fox, or David Duchovny. Comments on fic are welcome and encouraged. To read the Scully stories, please check out 1breath.