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24 July 2010 @ 12:35 am
Why hadn't I thought of doing this sooner?

Palm trees, cold drinks, white sands...my partner in a black bikini?

How the hell did she sneak that one past me?

"Something wrong Mulder?" The innocence in her voice was just a little to faked, a little too coy. Evil woman knew exactly what she was doing to my libido.

"Nothing at all, Scully." Two could play at this game. I would get even with her for this one...which is exactly what I think she had in mind.
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24 July 2010 @ 12:16 am
There were many things about Dana Scully that I found captivating...her singing abilities weren't one of them.

"99 luftballons, auf ihrem weg zum horizont..."

I also forgot she took German in college at just about the time this song was popular. It was all right, I didn't mind the fact that I didn't understand the words or that she couldn't hold the tune with a bucket.

What I found captivating was the sparkle in her eyes, the goofy smile on her face, and the hand she reached to me at her kitchen table as she bopped around her kitchen, inviting me to be silly with her for just a moment....and the fact that she felt safe enough to allow me to see that side of her.
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24 July 2010 @ 12:04 am
Water hit me like a concrete wall, and I sank nearly like a stone into the churning depths, the lights of the Queen Anne glittering like stars above me. My head spun dizzily as my lungs tightened with the lack of oxygen, and I felt myself bob up towards the surface, spinning and spinning.

I broke the surface, gasping for air as the Queen Anne glittered above me, floating, glittering stars on the water, slowly disappearing into the mist. I tried and failed to look for the face that was so familiar to me, the fathomless, brilliant blue eyes that watched, stunned as I jumped over the edge. Blackness was creeping in, fuzzing the edges of my brain, and I was losing the Queen Anne.

The last cognizant thought I had as I felt myself drop into oblivion was that I may not have understood a single damn things...but I just got to kiss Dana Scully. And I felt myself smile.
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15 July 2010 @ 04:12 pm
"You don't need me, Mulder. You never have. I've just held you back."

Was that really what she thought of herself...of us? I'm too stunned for words as she turns and walks out the door, walking out of my life forever. Her words scream in my ears, but all I can think is that I can't let her go. Need her...of course I need her, like I need air to breath I need Dana Scully. How had I not told her this, made her understand?

Guilt told me to say put, to let her go and live the normal life that I had taken away from her. But my gut rebelled at that. Let her go, beg her to stay? How much of a selfish prick was I?

I scrambled for the door, desperation formulating a plea as I went.
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15 June 2010 @ 01:54 pm
"Try it, it's good."

"What is it?" I stare at the fried bit of something on a stick. Scully had thought a walk through San Francisco's Chinatown would be fun, something different. I personally wondered why she kept shoving strange foods under my nose.

"It's a dumpling, Mulder, it's tasty."

"Why do I suspect you are lying to me?"

"Have I made you eat anything you would hate?"

"Yes," I grumble petulantly as she rolled her eyes.
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15 June 2010 @ 01:50 pm
Time...we were running out of it.

"We got all of our best men out there, Agent Mulder, we will find her."

I didn't look up from the photograph, the one of her screaming as she reached out. Was she calling for help...for me again? I swallow hard.

"We don't have time." I am trying hard not to bite his head off, he's doing the best he can. "What do we got on the rental he stole?"
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15 June 2010 @ 01:47 pm
I don't know how she missed this box, Mom had burned everything else.

"Is that you?" Scully chuckled as she found a black and white photograph of me as a toddler, a bowl full of ice cream upturned on my head.

"Yeah, first birthday. I think strawberry suited me."

"God, you were a cutie then."

"I'm not a cutie now?"

She pauses, flushing slightly with a knowing smile. "I didn't say that. Quit fishing for compliments."

At least she hadn't said no.
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13 June 2010 @ 01:17 am
"You didn't tell the little woman about me?" Phoebe's dark eyes danced.

"Scully is my partner, Phoebe, I respect her. I know that's a concept foreign to you."

"Respect is usually code for being hopelessly unattracted, Fox. Pity, she is rather cute in a ginger sort of way."

"And you wonder why I said nothing."

"Have you at least told her about your last female partner?" Now Phoebe was thrusting the knife in, turning it for the sheer, sick amusement. "I mean you respected that one too. How long were you married to Diana again?" She only smiles up at my darkening glare. "Oh come off it, Fox, what's a little excess baggage, everyone has got some."

"Some of us more than others, Phoebe."
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13 June 2010 @ 01:04 am
I don't believe in God, but sweet Jesus, I need to convince him to make my partner stop wearing that outfit to work. I forced myself to remember how to breathe, trying hard not to stare at the perfectly appropriate and hopelessly seductive pencil skirt, or the way it forms to her figure and hugs the curves of her amazing...

"Mulder," Scully cuts off my completely inappropriate thoughts, hardly looked up from the expense report she was reading, missing my guilty start as she frowned at the paper in confusion. "Is there a reason you charged $500 of camping gear in last months report?"

"It's all gear that is useful in our investigations, Scully." I shifted uncomfortably in my desk chair, painfully aware of just how far I had let my thoughts wander from our work. Had she noticed?

"Care to explain to Skinner why it is we need a four person tent?"

"You, me, enough room for equipment, I think its justified."

"Yeah, because Skinner will be perfectly understanding of two of his agents shacking up in a tent together doing God knows what, where." Scully snorted, perching on the corner of my desk without even bothering to glance at the devastation she was causing. "No offense, Mulder, but between you and me unless we get our spending down, I don't see you pitching any tents anywhere for a while."

"I don't know about that," I mutter softly, squirming once again, cursing the non-existent God for his masochistic sense of humor.
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12 June 2010 @ 11:59 pm
I ditched that two-faced, son-of-a-bitch too early. The large, beefy matron behind the ticket counter bristled her mustache at me as she glared at my passport, muttering something in Russian.

"You don't understand," I insisted, aching with fatigue and desperation, smoothing down my filthy hair. "I'm an American citizen, I work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I need to get on that plane."

I wasn't sure, but I believe she just told me to "fuck off" in Russian. Authority clearly doesn't work. How about a charming smile and a well placed compliment? What woman doesn't love a bit of flirtation? So what if she had a face that looked as if someone got loose on her with a hatchet.

"You know," I drop my tone down smoothly, shooting her a knowing look. "I've always had a thing for tall, Eastern European women. I know this great place we could go, so caviar, a little wine..."

I barely saved my fingertips as she slammed her service window shut.
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