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17 August 2010 @ 02:33 pm
Drabble #88-Medal  
Even my father managed to show up for this. He didn't look pleased, but at least he was here. Mom must have bribed him with something to come to the ceremony.

"We present this Award of Commendation to Fox Mulder, for outstanding work and dutiful service." I dutifully took the small plaque, stood with my director, and posed for the flash of the lightbulb. I don't think Mom looked this proud when I graduated Oxford.

Dad on the other hand....

"Good work, son." He tried to put a pleased face on it, even though his smile didn't quite reach his eyes. I was surprised he wasn't heading for the drink table in the corner.

"Thanks, Dad." I took his hand, formally and cordially, the polite greeting of a father and son so long estranged that they didn't know what affection was anymore. "Glad you could come."
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